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Wellbeing Research
The Five Ways to Wellbeing, Ētahi ara e rima ki te ngākau ora, help people stay mentally well.
Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand: Ways to Wellbeing
Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand: Wellbeing – Downloads
Wellbeing, Recovery and Mental Health By Lindsay G. Oades and Lara Mossman (Chapter 2: The Science of Wellbeing and Positive Psychology)
Stats NZ: Wellbeing
Canterbury Wellbeing Index
All Right? Research
All Right? Identity and Culture
All Right? Resources

Mental Health Research
Wellbeing, Recovery and Mental Health By Lindsay G. Oades and Lara Mossman (Chapter 3: Recovery and Mental Health)
Wellbeing, Recovery and Mental Health By Lindsay G. Oades and Lara Mossman (Chapter 8: The Complete State Model of Mental Health)

Education Research

Māori Research
Ministry of Education NZ: Well-being, hauora

Immigration Research

CCC Strategies
Christchurch Arts Policy and Strategy 2001
Christchurch Visitor Strategy
Christchurch Multicultural Strategy
Christchurch Citizen Hub Strategy
Christchurch Physical Recreation and Sport Strategy 2002
Christchurch Social Housing Strategy 2007
Christchurch Public Open Space Strategy 2010
Christchurch Sister Cities 2000 Strategy
Christchurch Economic Development Strategy 2017
Safer Christchurch Strategy 2016
Christchurch Strengthening Communities Strategy 2007
Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy


Christchurch City Council’s arts strategy review and renewal well overdue
How craft is good for our health
Research shows “profound” impact of creativity on mental well-being
Art heals hurts in Christchurch
“Profound” impact of Beth Hill’s arts programmes
Mental and physical health, good relationships, are the key to happiness
What does well-being mean to you?
How to be the person your depressed friend needs
The Art of Psychiatry
The art of sharing, marae-style
Connectivity key to reducing depression among elderly Aussies
The would-be artisans who ditch day jobs to chase a dream
Creative Industries including Games Add $3.848b to NZ Economy
Digital technologies cut tyranny of distance out of makers’ scene across remote north
Craft in Australia: let’s not forget the real value of the handmade
Art and design schools must cultivate creators, not theorists
How to help kids innovate from an early age
How to promote creativity in the classroom
We need creative teaching to teach creativity
What’s the difference between STEM and STEAM?

Evaluation for Ōtautahi Creative Spaces Trust
Arts, Creativity and Mental Health Initiative
Subjective Wellbeing, Objective Wellbeing and Inequality in Australia
What matters in Indigenous education: Implementing a Vision Committed to Holism, Diversity and Engagement in Canada
Prison Creative Industries: Scoping research for transformative culture and education